Machine Make Model Activity
Horizontal Machining Center Mitsui Seiki HR 5A Full Reconditioning & CNC retrofitting – Fanuc 0i
Vertical Machining Centre Yamazaki 20/50 Full Reconditioning & CNC retrofitting – Sinumerik 802D
Duplex Milling & Boring SPM Telco MTD Mechnical Reconditioning (GBH 007) – of Milling side
Turning SPM Fuji Reconditioning & comissioning
Turning SPM HMT Reconditioning & comissioning
Milling Machine HMT MTR Full reconditioning
Torsion Bar Testing Modification to accomdate new components
Horizontal Boring Machine Energy BFT 100 Repaired Headstock Spindle Assembly
Horizontal Machining Center Okuma Howa Millac 4H Installation & Comissioning
Horizontal Machining Center Makino 40C Installation & Comissioning
Turning Center WMW Niles Full Reconditioning & CNC retrofitting – Sinumerik 802D
Vertical Lathe WMW Niles Reconditioning
Gun drilling SPM Mico Reconditioning
Vertical Lathe Schiess Rectification of major problems
Gun drilling SPM Mico Full Reconditioning & CNC retrofitting – Sinumerik 802D
Vertical Lathe TOS SK12 Reconditioning & CNC retrofitting – Sinumerik 802D
Horizontal Boring Machine Toshiba BTD-9 CNC Retrofitting – Sinumerik 840Di
Twin column spindle boring SPM TAL MA532 New machine assembly, commissioning – Fanuc 0i Mate
Vertical Lathe Stanko 1516F1 Reconditioning & CNC retrofitting – Fanuc 0i Mate
Rollgrinder Yomis Full bed scraping
Horizontal Machining Center Cooper HC1250 CNC Retrofitting – Sinumerik 840Di
Horizontal Machining Center Oerlikon CNC Retrofitting – Sinumerik 840Di
AGV – Pallet Changer Oerlikon CNC Retrofitting – Sinumerik 802D
Crank bore SPM TAL MA527 Electrical installation/design/commissioning
Milling/Boring Machine Maho MH1000 CNC Retrofitting – Sinumerik 802D
Lathe Boko Reconditioning
Ball Turning Machine (Ball valves) SPM Conversion of lathe
Rollgrinder Poreba Machine Alignment
Rollgrinder Waldrich Machine Alignment
Grinding machines, lathes, milling machines 11 machines Reconditioning
Vertical Lathe Titan Reconditioning
Vertical Lathe Gray 3 meter Erection/reconditioning/retrofit
Vertical Lathe Kirloskar Dyna Refurbishing
Vertical Lathe Kirloskar Dyna Reconditioning/retrofit
Vertical Lathe Niles Reconditioning/retrofit
Rollgrinder Churchill Full bed scraping
Vertical Lathe 7 meter table Richardson CNC Retrofitting – Sinumerik 802sl
Horizontal Machining Center Yasda 90N Reconditioning
Vertical Lathe 4m Froriep Reconditioning/retrofit
Drilling machine Pittler Reconditioning
Roll lathe Niles Reconditioning/retrofit
Rollgrinder Herkules Supply of steady rests
Horizontal Boring Machine Wotan Rapid 2 Reconditioning/retrofit
10″ Boring machine Schiess Reconditioning/retrofit
Vertical Lathe Kirloskar Dyna Reconditioning/New RAM head
Vertical Lathe Cooper VT80 Reconditioning
Heavy Duty Lathe VDF Reconditioning/Retrofit
Turbine machining lathe Supply of hydrostatic steady rests
Special purpose milling Reconditioning/modification
Lathe Reconditioning of bed
Rollgrinder Farrel Extension of diameter/ reconditioning/ relocation
Heavy duty drill Kolb Reconditioning
Heavy duty drill TOS Reconditioning
Vertical Lathe Niles Reconditioning
Radial Drills TOS Reconditioning
Surface grinding Blohm Reconditioning
Rollgrinder Herkules WS600 CNC Retrofit
Horizontal Machining Center Yasda 90N Reconditioning/retrofit
Horizontal Boring Machine Droop Rein Reconditioning/retrofit
Vertical Lathe Bullard Reconditioning/retrofit
Horizontal Machining Center BFW Reconditioning/retrofit
Vertical Lathe Niles Reconditioning/retrofit
Horizontal Drill Carlton CNC Retrofit
Double column VMC Cincinnati CNC Retrofit
Horizontal Boring Machine Union BFT Reconditioning/retrofit
Vertical Lathe 2500 Schiess Reconditioning
Vertical Lathe 1400 Schiess Reconditioning
Horizontal Boring Machine Toshiba Reconditioning
Milling Machine SHW Reconditioning
Lathe DMG Reconditioning
Rollgrinder Herkules WS 450 Overhauling and modernization
Vertical Machining Centre Kuraki Reconditioning
Lathe Techno Wasino Reconditioning
Rollgrinder Union Scraping
Vertical Lathe Stanko Reconditioning/retrofit
Lathe HMT Reconditioning/retrofit
Horizontal Boring Machine TOS WHN13 Reconditioning/retrofit
Vertical Lathe Kolomna Reconditioning/retrofit
Vertical Lathe Homma Retrofit
Boring Machine Juaristi Reconditioning/retrofit
Rollgrinder Herkules WS450 Partial reconditionng
Vertical Machining Centre Bridgeport 1000 Partial reconditionng
Milling Machine Batliboi Reconditioning/retrofit
Lathe Beco Reconditioning/retrofit
Lathe VDF Reconditioning/retrofit
Horizontal Boring Machine Russian Reconditioning/retrofit
Rollgrinder Toshiba KWA Retrofit
Turn Mill Center Mazak H650 Reconditioning
Turn Mill Center Mazak H410 Reconditioning